A Special workshop

A Feminine approach to Yoga

with Body Breath Soul

The four weeks of a womans cycle are very different. Each phase brings different energy within the body. 

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge to adapt your yoga practice to the phase which your body is in each week. 

Each week will include breathing, visualisations and meditations created specifically to support the phase we are in.

Here’s a glimps of what each week will feel like:

WEEK ONE: We begin with the menstrual phase, connecting to your womb space and allowing your body to release all tension through sound. Learning how to relax, soothing the nervous system, calming the mind, easing into each yoga pose, this is a very slow moving class and the healing benefits are very powerful.

WEEK TWO: Transitioning from the menstrual cocoon and re-emerging into the world, this is a time where we are at our most active time, its a time to introduce inversions and stronger yoga poses, but with softness and warmth and loving awareness to the reproductive organs.

WEEK THREE: Softening into the feminine energy during this class with losts of juicy movements, circulating the hips, moving the body with the natural breath, a heart centred yoga practice. This is the time of ovulation and the time we are naturally more in our feminine.

WEEK FOUR: During this phase we are seeking to create space both within us and external of us, adapting our yoga class to give over our worries, our stress, our tension, inviting these to be released from our body. Clearing all energy we have accumulated the past three weeks, preparing the body to flow back into the menstural phase with ease and grace. 

WEEK FIVE: Coming together as a group, reflecting over the four phases of a womans cycle and how to adapt your own yoga practice at home to suit each phase you are in. Discussing how to journal your way through each phases. Sharing relevant experiences and bringing what we have just learnt over the past four weeks together, so you go home feeling confident that you can do this for yourself.

Benefits you may experience from a consistent feminine yoga practice:

– Increased conception rate

– Regulate menstrual cycle

– Heal menstrual disorders

– Calms the mind

– Increases energy and vitality 

– Reduces stress hormones 

– Regulates the hormonal system

The workshop will be facilitated by Melinda-Jayne a qualified yoga teacher in fertility yoga, yoga for women and pelvic floor anatomy. Melinda brings with her a passion for guiding women to be the best versions of themselves through feminine energy and yoga. You can find Melinda at Body Breath Soul on facebook or @bodybreathsoul on Instagram.

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Each class will begin at 10.30am and finish at 12pm, except week five, which will finish at 11.30am.

$200 per person for the entire 5 week workshop

At MyTribe Yoga, Cleveland


Payment due 25th April 2020