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 Massage is a Gift to your entire wellbeing.

 Massage will help ease muscular pain, Tension bought on by stress, relieve pain from Acute or Chronic Muscular tension, and increase sports performance by helping to increase your muscles range of movement.

We believe…

“If your nervous system is in over drive due to stress and busy lifestyles then all those messages are being sent out to your muscles, your breathing gets shallow so your upper shoulders become tense, then your neck becomes tense, you start to walk weird and sleep in weird and wonderful positions to compensate so your lower back becomes sore, theres not just one part of the Body that needs to be treated here we need to look at it as a whole”

Your Therapist has 13 Years experience as a Registered Therapist, Searne Specialises in Pregnancy Massage and relieving Chronic Muscular tension due to stress and lifestyle